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Read Sy Bosworth's account of his time in the 555th Signal Air Warning Battalion.

Part 1 Actions & Reactions
Part 2 Induction
Part 3 Fort Monmouth
Part 4 Drew Field
Part 5 At Sea

Future parts will be added when received from Sy.





Welcome to Mobile Military Radar web site.  This web site is dedicated to presenting historical, technical and operational information as well as links to Mobile Military Radar Unit web sites.  

This web site provides photos, manuals, personnel listings, and a guest book for personnel interested in the history of Mobile Military Radar.  

This website is respectfully dedicated to the men and women who were, or are presently serving, in Mobile Military Radar Units.  

Due to the renaming of the Mobile Military Units over the years (AC&W {Mobile}, Tactical Control Squadron, Air Control Squadron, etc.), all units will be referred to by the generic phrase “Mobile Military Radar Units”.

Current Focus

At the present time, the majority of the information available to us has been posted on this web site. So now more than ever are looking for reader input for additional material and/or corrections to what is posted. We do have more information concerning Air Force and Air National Guard units than either Army or Marine units, only because of what we've been able to locate. We are still looking to expand information on all branches of the military and their mobile equipment.   So please feel free to send us any information you care to share.  We’re looking for photos, documents, manuals etc. either in digital or scan-able form.  Original “hard copy” items will be scanned and returned if so desired.


The unit nomenclatures between the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force can become confusing. During World War II, there were Army Signal Air Warning Battalions, Fighter Control Squadrons and Aircraft Control and Warning units. When the USAF was formed many of these unit designations became USAF designations. If a unit is/was 100% Army or 100% Air Force, we have tried to keep them with the appropriate branch of service. However, this has been done at the webmaster's discretion. So if you cannot find a particular unit, please check the other branch of service, as it may be located there because of overlapping between Army and Air Force designations.

Over the years, AC&W and TCS, have become synonymous with fixed and mobile units. This was not always the case; especially during the Army/Air Force transition. So there were AC&W units that were mobile, and TCS units that were fixed sites. Units that are "thought" to be mobile are listed here. Also, some fixed units had mobile equipment, so they are listed here. This web site concerns MOBILE RADAR UNITS AND EQUIPMENT. If you have information that can correct any incorrect entries, please contact the webmaster.

Other Notes :

Mobilized, Activated etc. see glossary listing. Some ANG units may have been activated on paper, but not mobilized during the 1951 - 1953 time period. Also some ANG units (i.e. Illinois ANG Units) show mobilization for the entire period in ANG records, but state records show that they were mobilized for as little as six (6) months. Sorry for the confusion. When I get more information on this I will make the corrections and post a notice.

Units are listed when I find a reference to them. Facts listed in parentheses are items that have been sent to me that have not been verified by any documentation. An example would be if someone told me they 'heard' a unit was at a location from June 66 to July 68, it would be listed as:

(June 66 - July 68)

If a location or date is listed without any additional information, that date or location has been found without any other documentation being found so far.


Means some reference to a unit was found that put them in Germany, at some time. 1972 indicates that a reference was found that placed the unit there in 1972, but, they may have been there before or after that date also.

I have also tried to keep units with the same unit numbers and other data in a chronological order.

Hope this makes sense. If you have any questions please contact me. Gene


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