116th ACS – For their support in this project.  Without my many wonderful years with this unit, this web site would never have been thought of.

Allen, Aaron – Ideas to get this web site up and running.

Beach, Skip - Radar photos.

Brown, Michael D.  – Miscellaneous Photos, photos of unit patches and insignia, listing of radar units.

Byrd, Henry C. Lt. Col. USAF Ret. – Contributor of letters and photos including information about 13th AC&WG and the mission to Japan.

Hamburg, Alan SMSgt. - Contributor of historical information and photos of the 106th and 109th Utah ANG.

Hartman, Harvey MSgt. - Contributor of historical information, and memories of TCS experiences.

Horstead, Terry L - Contributor of historical information and photos of patches about Radar Bomb Scoring units.

Inman, Gary – Photos of unit patches and information about the 106th TCS.

Mason, John - Historical information of the 101st TCS.

McDonald, David - Photos of RBS Trains.

Moore, Bryan - Information about the 71st TCF, 325th and other information.

Nelson, Randy (Pup) - Information about Iraqi Freedom

Parker, David - Contributor of historical information and photos of equipment of the 616th AC&W Squadron in Ulm, Germany.

Radar Archives at the InfoAge Science-History Center at Camp Evans -

Shively, Scot - Information 727th and Iraqi Freedom information

Stacey, Jon - WWII Controller's manual, information about Vietnam controlling - Contributed patches from the 81st, 82nd, 139th, and 621st.


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