13th AC&W Group History

568th Signal AW Battalion History (132 pgs)

AAF Air Defense Activities In The Mediterranean 1942 – 20 Sept. 1944 (189 pgs)

Aircraft Warning Warning Service FM 11-25 (3 August 1942) (119 pgs)

Anti-Aircraft Artillery Operations 6th Army (312 pgs)

Battalion Standard Beach Landing Procedure (1.624Kb)

Birth of the Aircraft Control and Warning Group in the Pacific Theater in WWII by Gene C. Smith

Early Warnings: The Mystery of Radar in Hawaii

Employment of Radar by XV Corps Artillery

Eyes in the Night

Fighter-Searchlight Team, The; Instruction Text
Part 1 (51 pgs; 3,453Kb)
Part 2 (23 pgs; 1,289Kb)
Part 3 (24 pgs; 1,424Kb)
Part 4 (102pgs; 3,587Kb)

GCI Controller Manual, 1944
Part 1
(61 pages; 22,646, KB)
Part 2 (60 pages; 19,714 KB)
Part 3 (60 pages; 19,223 KB)
Part 4 (61 pages; 16,426 KB)

Jury Rigs for Radar

Letters from Colonel Henry C. Byrd

Marines Had Radar Too

Radar and Communications, A Report Prepared For The AAF Scientific Advisory Group 1944
Part 1
40 pages (17,579 KB)
Part 2A
58 pages (25,712 KB)
Part 2B
37 pages (17,580 KB)
Part 2C
40 pages (18,038 KB)
Part 3
26 pages (9,905 KB)

Ramblings Of An Old Vector Vender, by Col. Lawson P. Wynne (updated 14 Dec 2007)

Training (circa 1943)

Unit Citation and Campaign Credit Register, Army Pamphlet 672-1 (635 pages; 35 Mb)

Wilmington News 12 October 1945

Wizard War, The: WWII and the Origins of Radar

Korean Era

314th Air Division Organizational Chart (pre 1952)

Air National Guard Korean War Mobilizations

USAF in Korea (845 pgs)

The USAF in Korea Campaigns, Units and Stations (186 pgs)

Cold War Era

Air Defense Employment FM 44-1 (October 1965) (119 pgs)

Air Defense Artillery Employment FM 44-2 (June 1966 ) (123 pgs)

Berlin Crisis Mobilizations

Cold War Infrastructure For Air Defense: The Fighter And Command Missions (178 pgs)


Searching the Skies (192 pgs)

TPS-1D Antenna Modification (9,488 KB)

Vietnam Era

Activation of Tactical Control Units 1971

Air Base Defense In The Republic Of Vietnam 1961 – 1973 (289 pgs)

History of 601 Tactical Control Wing (U)
Part 1 46 pages (16,700 KB)
Part 2 44 pages (13,299 KB)

Project CHECO - The Fall of Site 85, 9 August 1968 (71 pgs)

Realignment of Tactical Control Units 1971

The Tour Through The Eyes Of Pyramid 05, by Lt. Col. Jon Stacey

Gulf War Era
Modern Era



Air Traffic Control - Gilfillan

AN/4Q-2 Interim Operation and Maintenance Manual

AN/MPG-1 Technical Manual (extracts 33 pages, 19,740Kb)

AN/MPS-11 Technical Manual (121 pgs)

AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder Weapon Locating System AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder Weapon Locating System



FM 6-162, Radar Set AN/TPS-25, April 1962

AN/TPS-43E Tactical Radar System

AN/TPS-59(V)3 Tactical Missile Defense Radar

AN/TPS-77 Transportable Radar

AN/TPS-78 Solid-State Radar Family

Coast Mobile Surveillance Unit

DAR Defense Acquisition Radar

Great Detective, The
Part 1 (26 pgs; 6,314Kb)
Part 2 (26 pgs; 6,419Kb)
Part 3 (26 pgs; 6,868Kb)
Part 4 (27 Pgs; 7,974Kb)

Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar


Silent Sentry

Tactical Air Command Pamphlet TACP 55-43, 22 December 1971
Index (3,458 Kb)
Chapter 1 Aerospace Ground Equipment (23,293 Kb)
Chapter 2 Ground Radio Equipment (54,348 Kb)
Chapter 3 Radio Relay Equipment (7,958 Kb)
Chapter 4 Radar Equipment and Operations Centers (66,933 Kb)
Chapter 5 Telephone Equipment (19,806 Kb)
Chapter 6 Teletype Equipment (13,048 Kb)
Chapter 7 Vehicle Equipment (14,222 Kb)
Chapter 8 Mobility Support Equipment (26,792 Kb)
Appendix (4,172 Kb)

Threat Radar Simulators


609th TCS Antenna Problems

609th TCS Memories by Harvey Hartman

Alaskan Air Defense and the Japanese Invasion of the Aleutians (123 pgs)

Development of Continental Air Defense to 1 September 1954 (124 pgs)

Handbook of Air Defense Organization (196 pgs)

Historical Summary Radar Bomb Scoring 1945 - 1983

Marine GCI

Radar Bomb Scoring

Radar in Ground Combat

Radar set being erected aboard a ship prior to an invasion

Roslyn ANG Station History by Jan Klebukowski (288 pages, 79.31 Meg)

Tactical Radars for Ground Surveillance

TPS-43 (Basic) Training at McClellan AFB, California

Universal Newsreel "Radar Secrets Revealed, 1945"
MPG1 43 MB
MPG2 199 MB

USAF and its Antecedents Published and Printed Unit Histories (245 Pgs)

Credits: Radar Archives at the InfoAge Science-History Center at Camp Evans - (Information on SCR-268, SCR-270, SCR-584 and TPS-3)