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September 2009
The Latest as of September 2009

I am currently gathering information about IFF and Radar Operations. If you have any information, photos, CDC's or other information concerning IFF or Radar Operations please contact me at:

Many additions to Signal Air Warning Companies, Battalions, and fighter Control Squadrons

Latest Additions

Documents: I've done a lot of updating to the Army Signal Corps Units, as well as a lot to the 505th AC&W Group, 634th, 635, 636th, and 637 AC&W Squadrons.


Photos: I received and posted several TPS-43 photos from David Casteel


Information Needed

Looking for information about the early days of the Tactical Control Squdrons. Specifically the 60's, 70's and the 80's. Looking for any kind of instructions and or guidance given to the units. During the 70's, many Air National Guard units were formed, and we would like to be able to add information about their creation for upcoming general history pages. If you have any information about this time period your input would be appreciated.

Please send any information to:

If you have any additions, corrections etc. that you would like to submit, please send them to