Air Force Units

  Tactical Control Group
  Hessisch Olderdorf, Germany

Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Note: Unit was originally the 555th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion
Redesignated: 31 December 1945, 601st Tactical Control Squadron
Redesignated: 29 November 1948, From 601st Tactical Control Squdron to 601st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Subordinate to: 10 June 1949, 501st Aircraft Control and Warning Group.
Located: July 1949, Rothwesten, Germany
Located: 1951, Langerkoph, Germany
Personnel: 1951, 35 Officers and 346 Enlisted.
Redesigned: 601st TCS November 18, 1960
December 1951, Major Marshall C. Brown Jr.
Equipment: 1958, AN/MPS-14

Located: 1951, Wasserkuppe, Germany

Operating Location 1
Equipment: 1958, AN/MPS-14

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  Tactical Control Squadron
Activated: 31 December 1945, Simmershausen, Germany (1)
Located: 31 December 1945 to 31 October 1946, Simmershausen, Germany
Relocated: 31 October 1946, Kassel, Germany
Subordinate to: 501st TCG
Relocated: 24 July 1947, Rothwesten Air Base, Rothwestern, Germany
Redesignated: 29 November 1948, 601st Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Relocated: Sembach AB, Germany
Equipment: CPS-1; mounted on a flatbed trailer, with the electronics in a separate van; TPS-27; TPS-43 S/N 12, 9 September 1969;
Began conversion to TPS-43 (S/N 12) 16 March 1970
Relocated: 9 January 1975, Pruem, Germany
Relocated: 1989, Zwiebrucken AB, Germany
Subordinate to: 601st Tactical Control Wing, Sembach, Air Base, Germany
Redesigned: 601st Air Control Squadron April 1, 1992
Notes: (1) 31 December 1945, A Company of the 555th SAW Bn. became the 601st TCS, activated at Simmerhausen, Germany. (2) As a result of the 24 August 1972, dissolving of the 601st TCS, it existed only on paper, not as a functioning squadron.

Tactical Control Wing
Located: 1 July 1968 - 28 June 1973, Sembach AB, Germany
Formed: 1 July 1968
Relocated: 29 June 1973 - 7 January 1976 , Wiesbaden AB, Germany
Arrival: 13 November 1974, Air Surveillance Radar Team (ASRT), for special mission.
Relocated: 8 January 1976, Sembach AB, Germany
Mission: 1979, Provide Tactical Air Control System for US Air Forces in Europe in support of assigned Ground Forces of the US European Command and NATO.
Mission: 1982, To provide Command and Control for American and NATO aircraft so that American Forces could neutralize Soviet threat.
Deployments: 1986 Rhein/Grafenstein, Gruenstadt, Konigshadt, Dickenburg, Bitburg, Dockweiler and Siebenstamme, Germany
Note: in February 1986, Wing ended five years of support for Elf One operations in Saudi Arabia.
Note: September 1988, Three new TM-1B radar simulators arrived for use of 601st Tactical Control Wing.
Equipment: AN/TPB-1C, AN/TPS-43E (1982)
Campaigns & Foreign Service Awards:
1 February 1983, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for 1 May 1981 through 30 April 1983
1 July 1968 - 4 Jan 1970, Col. Jack R. Best
5 Jan 1970 - 27 June 1971, Col Carlos E. Dannacher
28 June 1971 - 6 July 1972, Col Robert L. Jones
7 July 1972 - 8 June 1975, Brig Gen David E. Rippetoe
9 June 1975 - 31 Mar 1976, Col Fleetwood Pride Jr.
1 April 1976 - 20 March 1977, Col Ralph W. Haymaker
21 March 1977 - 13 April 1979, Brig Gen Paul H. Hodges
14 April 1979 - 14 June 1981, Brig Gen Leon W. Babcock Jr.
15 June 1981 - 19 April 1983, Brig Gen Christian F. Dreyer Jr.
20 April 1983 - 2 July 1985, Brig Gen Robert A. Norman
3 July 1985 - 20 October 1985, Col Walter C. Hersman
21 October 1985 - (?) Col Thomas A. Cardwell III
1989, Colonel Dennis C. Torrez
Subordinate Units: Germany as of 1982

601st TCS Pruem Air Station

602d TCS Tuerkheim
Inactivated: 1 August 1985

603rd TCS Mehlingen
Inactivated: 1 October 1986

606th TCS Basdahl

609th TCS Bad Muender

611th TCF Alzey

612th TCF Pruem

619th TCF Schwelentrup

621st TCF Wiesbaden
Inactivated: 1 October 1986

622d TCF Rein Grafenstein

626th TCF Wanna

629th TCF Schwelentrup

631st TCF Wuerzburg

632d TCF Grafenwoehr
Inactivated: 1 August 1985

636th TCF Wanna
Inactivated: 1 October 1986

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History of 601 Tactical Control Wing (U)
Part 1 46 pages (16,700 KB)
Part 2 44 pages (13,299 KB)
Lineage by Pat Madden

Elf One Support Squadron (Provisional)
629th Tactical Control Flight: tour of duty at Elf One, Saudi Arabia
631st Tactical Control Flight: 11 August 1983, deployment to Al Jubayl Forward Air Control Post, Saudi Arabia.

Casino Cash - Live flying training exercise to train and evaluate Air Defense Systems.
Datex - French Air Defense Exercise
Crested Eagle - Allied Forces Central Europe Exercise
Field Fox - Tripartite Exercise
Screaming Eagle - Air Defense Exercise
Shahbaz - Cento sponsored exercise
Flaming Lance 1-74 - USCINCEUR sponsored JTF Exercise
Coronet Viking - Joint Royal Norwegian Air Force/USAF Air exercise
Cold Fire - AFCENT sponsored live flying exercise
Oksboel 79
Cold Fire 79
Constant Enforcer
Dawn Patrol 79 - Joint land, air and sea exercise
Flex Gold - Small-scale flying exercise
Bold Encounter - Multi-national exercise
Certain Encounter
Cold Fire 81
Sharfe Linge (Sharp Knife)
Cloggy Emotion
Oskboel 81
Greek King
Crested Eagle - Command Post Exercise
Attack Response
Atlantic Lion
Cloggy Emotion 83
Cold Fire 83
Confident Enterprise
Display Determination 83, Martina Franca, Italy
Golden Sixteen
Oksboel '83
Salty nation 83-9
Vengeful merlin
Werhafte Loewen
Able Archer
Certain Sentinel 86
Cloggy Emotion 86
Common Commitment
Common Jelly
Oksboel 86
Warrior Eagle
William Tell
Juniper Falconry 88-1
Cold Fire 88
Crested Eagle
Central Enterprise 88
Bold Gauntlet 88
Warrior Preparation Center
Distinct Javelin - From deployed locations at Eisiedlerhof Air Station, Germany and Izmir, Turkey
Central Enterprise
Wintex/Cimex 89

Air Control Squadron
Deactivated: Mar 31, 1995

Tactical Control Group
Located: 1965, Sembach Air Base, Germany
Mission: 1965, To provide, operate and maintain Tactical Air control Systems for in-flight control of offensive forces
Deployed: 1967, Spain
Inactivated: 1 July 1968
29 July 1965 - (?), Lt. Colonel Dolford F. Payne
1966, Colonel Francis J. Pope

Detachment 1
Neubrucke, Germany
Inactivated: 1 February 1984

Detachment 2
Pruem, Germany
Inactivated: 7 September 1984

Creek Ace
Frontier Shield
Fallex 66
Cold Winter 67
Creek Bravo
Fast Strike
Front Center
Creek Charlie
Hunter's Moon
Large Play
Pathfinder Express
Deep Farrow
High Heels 67
Lion 67
Panther Spring

Carousel One
Front Center 68
Carmine Top V
Polar Express




Women's Army Corps Filter Company
Note: Army Air Forces Tactical Center



Tactical Control Squadron
Darmstadt, Germany
31 December, 1945 – 22 November, 1948
Subordinate to: 501st TCG
Redesignated: 23 November 1948, 602nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Notes: 31 December 1945, B Company of the 555th SAW Bn. became the 602nd Tactical Control Squadron

Detachment A
Activated: 19 March 1948
Note: 25 May 1948, became the 603rd Tactical Control Squadron

Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Note: Originally Company B of the 555th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion
Redesignated: 31 December 1945 as 602nd Tactical Control Squadron.
Redesignated: 23 November 1948, as 602nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Located: December 1948, Darnstadt Miltary Post, Germany
Relocated: 8 December 1948, Birkenfeld/Nahe Air Base, Germany, based on Wiesbaden Military Post
Located: July 1949, Birkenfeld, Germany
Mission: 1951, To provide early warning cover to the limits of its equipment, and to provide navigational aid to all aircraft flying over Western Europe.
Subordinate to: 501st Aircraft Control and Warning Group, Twelfth Air Force
Personnel: 1951, 36 Officers and 392 Enlisted
Mission: 1952, to operate and function as an TADC with FDP and TACC capabilities according to the situation requirements and as directed by higher headquarters. Operate and maintain a heavy ground radar station near Birkenfeld, Germany as well as a light ground radar station Southwest of Mainz, Germany. To control fighter aircraft on air defense intercept missions. to control fighter aircraft for tactical air operations in coordination with visual control parties. To operate and maintain a VHF/DF system as an aid to air navigation and furnish aircraft identification within the capabilities of assigned IFF equipment. To organized, supervise and monitor the overall training program of the organization.
Relocated: Giebelstadt, Germany Early 1955,
Notes: Control of Birkenfeld AB passed to the 619th TACONRON from France
Call Sign: Moonglow; changed to Wheaties in 1965
June 1949 - (?), Captain Gene B. Grove
November 1951, Major Toy B. Husband
Equipment: CPS-1; 1951, AN/CPS-4, Serial No. 21, replaced by AN/CPS-4, Serial No. 17; 1958, AN/GPS-4

Operting Location
Located: 1958, Gieblestadt, Germany
Equipment: 1958, AN/MPS-11



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  Tactical Control Squadron
Neu Ulm, Germany
Equipment: TPS-27; TPS-43E
Relocated: 2 October 1978, Turkheim, Germany
Inactivated: 1 October 1986 (1985, IRIS Number 01065286)
Notes: Originally Det 7, 22, 601st TCS

Tactical Control Group/Tactical Air Control Group
Located: Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas
Redesignated: February 1966, the 4460th and 4461st Tactical Control Groups redesignated as 602nd Tactical Control Group, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin, Texas
Mission: 1966, To Command, organize, equip, train operate, and administer assigned and attached forces to provide control activities and associated communications elements in support of Tactical Air Operations.
Deployed: for Combat Fox
Subordinate Units as of 1970:
602nd Tactical Air control Support Squadron
607th Tactical Control Squadron
609th Tactical Control Squadron
727th Tactical Control Squadron
81st Tactical Control Flight
82nd Tactical Control Flight
83rd Tactical Control Flight
84th Tactical Control Flight
Activated: 1 July 1974, Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin, Texas
Note: 1 July 1974, the Group consolidated the assets, personnel and Headquarters functions of the 602nd Tactical Control Group and the 71st Tactical Air Support Group
Note: 1976, 609th Tactical Control Squadron was reassigned to 601st Tactical Control Wing
Equipment: AN/TPS-43 (1969), AN/TPS-43E
Note: 1976, Follow-on test and evaluation of the AN/TPS-43E began, and the Tactical Air Control System/Tactical Air Defense West Coast procedural exercise was completed.
1968, 1970, Francis E. Binnel
1971, Colonel Rufus Woody

Polar Sweep
Coronet Longhorn II
Caballo Blanco II
Coronet Key
Clove Hitch III
Coronet Longhorn I
Northern Sun
Frontier Assault
Coronet Longhorn III
Caballo Blanco II
Garden Plot
Bold Shot/Brimfire
Rocky Range I

Boldshot/Brim Fire 3-70
Roadrunner I
Fort Sill Firepower Demonstration
Winter Victory
Coronet Organ II
hot/Brim Fire 2-71
Bold Shot/Brim Fire 3-71
Cornet Organ IV
Cornet Steed
Exotic Dancer
Group Initiate Exercise Movements from Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas to:
Bryan, Texas
Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
Gila Bend, Arizona
Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico
Melrose Range, New Mexico
Fort Hood, Texas
From Davis-Montham AFB, Arizona to Luke Air Force Base, Arizona
Road Runner 3-71
Jack Frost 75
Orbit Phantom I - Simulate exercise
Red Flag 1
Orbit Phantom I
Brave Shield XIV - Joint Readiness Exercise
Gunsmoke 76
Hat Trick III, Drug Interdiction Operations


Tactical Control Group

Detachment 1

Detachment 2
Camp Pendleton, California
Equipment: TPS-43E

Detachment 3


Tactical Air Control Wing
Located: Bergstrom Air Force Base, Austin Texas
Note: Wing activated 729th Tactical Control Squadron and 84th Tactical Control Flight at Hill Air Force Base, Utah 1 October 1985, to operate AN/TPS-43E radar sets from two separate locations at Hill AFB. Wing assimilated Detachment 1 from 831st Air Division 20 December 1985, redesignating it Detachment 2.
Reorganized: 1980, as a result of inactivations and 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron move from Bergstrom Air Force Base to Davis Monthan Air Force Base 1982/1983.
Located: Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona
Colonel David H. Reiner
1980, Colonel Jerry W. Richards
Colonel William E. Ardern
(?) - 1 August 1983, Colonel Ronald M. Miller
1 August 1983 - (?), Colonel Calvin C. Anderson
(?) - 5 June 1986, Colonel Robert H. Boles
5 June 1986 - (?) Colonel William e. Ardern
1988, Colonel David A. Sawyer
Subordinate Units as of 1988:
729th Tactical Control Squadron
83rd Tactical Control Flight

Air Force Outstanding Unit Award 1987

Red Flag 78-1
Blue Flag 78-1
Autumn Safari - Joint Readiness Exercise
Brave Shield 18 - Joint Readiness Exercise
Cope Jade
Reforger 78 - NATO Exercise
Red Flag 79-1
Red Flag 79-2
Cactus Roundup - Composite Force training program
Blue Flag 78-4 - Command and Control Exercise
Blue Flag 79-1 - Command and Control Exercise
Maple Flag II - US/Canadian Joint Tactical Air Exercise

Brave Shield 80
Blue Flag 80-4
Reforger 80
Logex 80
Sea Strike 81-1, A composite force exercise run a Gila Bend, Arizona
Gallant Knight 81
Golden Saber III, Fort Hood, Texas
Reforger 80
Red Flag 81-1
Red Flag 81-4
Reforger 81
Gallant Eagle 82
Bold Eagle 82
Blue Flag 82-1
Completes Reforger 81
Saber VI
Golden Saber VI
Reforger 82
Bayonet Thrust III
Golden Blade
Brim Frost 83
Green Flag 83
Red Flag 83-1
Golden Saber VII
Camp Swift
Lone Star 84-1
Wintex/Cimex 83

Poker Bluff
Laser Strike
Golden Saber X
Aim High 86-1
Border Star 85
Crown Falcon 85-4
Desert White 85-4
Poker Buff
Elf One
Able Archer 85
Bold Eagle 85
Calico Coast
Cascade Peak III
Cactus Arizona
Crown Dragonfly
Octofoil Focus 86-B
Recondo Raid
Checkered Flag
Cactus Arizona 86
Crown Falcon 86-2
Gallant Knight 86
Octofoil Focus 86
Desert White
Cactus Arizona 86
Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross IV
Golden Saber XII
Rawhide 87
Team Spirit 86
Tiger Thrust 86-1
Air Warrior 86-13
Air Warrior 86-09
Air Warrior 86-12
Aim High 86-2A
Aim High 86-2B

Reforger 87
Reforger/Certain Strike 87
Caber Dragon 88

Cactus Arizona 87
Octofoil Focus

Sand Eagle
Pegasus 87

Rawhide 87-1 Operational Readiness Exercise held at Davis-Monthan Air Force B Base, Arizona
Rawhide 87-3
Rawhide 87-4

Vista Grande
Bold Venture - At Fort Lewis, Washington
Cascade Rain - At Yakima Firing Center, Yakima, Washington
Crown Falcon - Operational Readiness Exercise at George Air Force Base, California
Ready Phantom - At Fort Hood, Texas


Checkered Flag
Blue Flag - Hurlburt Field, Florida
Ready Phantom - Fort Hood, Texas
Long Arrow II
Elf One
Yama Sakura XIII
Octofoil Focus
Ocean Venture
Golden Saber,
Northwest USA
Roundup 88-7

Detachment 6
Team Spirit 86
Tiger Thrust 86-1

Detachment 7
Note: 1986, Participated in Patriot Missile Training

Tactical Air Operations Squadron

Web Site: Link 1; Link 2

Lineage by Patrick Madden



Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Activated: Dec. 31, 1945; Under the 501st TCG.
Realigned: May 25, 1948 to the 7400th Air Force Communications Wing
Redesignated: 23 November 1948, as 603rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron.
Hof, Germany
Note: Originally unit was Detachment A of 602nd Tactical Control Squadron
Realigned: June 10, 1949 under the 501st AC&WG
Located: July 1949, Hof, Germany
Relocated: 17 April 1950 Giebelstadt, Germany, fourteen miles south of Wurzburg, Germany.
Personnel: 1951, 35 Officer and 390 Enlisted
Realigned: Nov. 18, 1960 under the 86th Air Division
November 1951, Lt. Colonel Otto B. McIver
Inactivated: June 25, 1965
Equipment: 1951, AN/MPS-5, AN/CPS-4

Detachment 1
Located: Hof, Germany
June  1955
Equipment: TPS-1D; TPS-10D; GPS-4 (Serial # 2) ; MPS-7 (September 1955)

Direction Finding Site
1951, Garrot

Operating Location #10
Located: Germany
Captain August F. Warren

Operation Readiness Test


Tactical Control Squadron
Note: 25 May 1948, Detachment A of 602nd Tactical Control Squadron, became the 603rd Tactical Control Squadron at Hof, Germany.
Redesignated: 23 November 1948, as 603rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron.
Sembach, Germany
Mehlingen, Germany
Subordinate to: 501st TCG
Redesignated & reactivated:
603rd TCS June 29, 1973; Subordinate to: the 601st TCG
July, 1964 – 18 June, 1965
Equipment: TPS-43 (27 June 1969)
Notes: (1) 31 December 1945, A Company of the 555th SAW Bn. became the 603rd TCS. (2) Originally Det 8/28 601st TCS

Air Control Squadron
Mission: Tactical Air Control Center
Aviano Air Base, Italy
Web Site: Link
Deployed: Baghdad/Balad

A1C Antoine Holt was killed by an insurgent mortar round in Balad Iraq in April 2004.  He was assigned to the 603rd ACS out of Aviano AB Italy. 

A1C Scott Palomino was badly wounded in the same attack.  Photo; Article

Notes: Control and Reporting Center
Web Site: Link 1; Link 2


  Tactical Control Squadron
Subordinate to: 501st TCG
31 December 1945, C Company of the 555th Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion, became the 604th Tactical Control Squadron, at Freising, Germany
Mission: 1948, Furnish Direction Finder Fixes to aircraft.
Redesignated: Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
1951, Major William E. Hartless
1951, Major William C. Packard Jr.

Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Located: June 1949, Freising, Germany
Mission: June 1949, To provide surveillance and early warning service. Furnish navigational aid and weather information to aircraft when requested, fulfill intelligence missiion as outlined in USAFE Regulations, Control Fighter aircraft for interception and maintain the training of all personnel at the prescribed level.
Located: July 1949, Freising, Germany
Located: 1951, Freising, Germany
Mission: 1951, To provide surveillance and early warning service. Furnish navigational aid and weather information to aircraft when requested. Fulfill intelligence mission as outlined in USAFE Regulations. Control fighter aircraft for interception. Maintain the training of all personnel at the prescribed level.
20 June 1949, 20 Officers and 288 Enlisted
1951, 35 Officers and 366 Enlisted.
June 1949, Major James G. McCary
1951, Willaim C. Packard Jr.
June 1949, SCR-527, SCR-584
1951, AN/CPS-1, AN/CPS-4
June 1949, AN/TRC-1
June 1949, TTQ-1

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  Detachment A(?)
Landshut, Germany
Equipment: Three (3) MSQ-1A

Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron
Located: 1951, Taegu, Korea
Relocated: 15 June 1951, Seoul, Korea


Tactical Control Squadron
Located: 1947, Greenville South Carolina
Mission: 1947, To furnish a Tactical Air Control Center for 9th Air Force.
Located: 1948, Eglin Field, Florida
Subordinate to: 1949, 14th Air Force
Relocated: 23 June 1949, Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina
Pusan, Korea
Seoul, Korea
Clark AFB, Philippine Islands
15 December, 1945 – 1 October, 1961
8 April, 1964 – December, 1971

Operation Assembly

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  Tactical Control Squadron
Biggs, Texas(?)
15 December, 1945 – 30 January, 1946
Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Shaw AFB,
Deployment: Pusan, Korea, 1950
Cho-do, small island of the west coast of Korea February 1952 [1]
Located: 1951, Northeast of Kimpo Air Field (K-14), Korea
Mission: 1951/1952, Establish, operate, and maintain Tactical Air Control Center as directed.
Dobra/Hoff, Germany
30 January, 1946 – 1 October, 1957
Web Site: Link

Tactical Control Squadron
Bremerhaven, Germany
1978 – 1982      
Deployment: Bitburg, Basdahl and Dobraberg, Germany, 1980s
Relocated: Shaw AFB to Bremerhaven, Germany and then became a GSU (geographically separated unit) with a compound (complex) in Basdahl, Germany.
Basdahl, Germany

Air Control Squadron
Spangdahlem, Germany
Deployment: Italy Operation Deny Flight, 1996
Deployment: Italy Operation Allied Force, 1999
Deployment: Kuwait Air Expeditionary Force 9; Operation Southern Watch, 2000
Note: Control and Reporting Center
Equipment: TPS-75
Web site: Link


  Tactical Control Squadron
15 December, 1945 – 30 January, 1946

Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Greenville, S. C.
Relocated: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
Relocated: Turner AFB, Georgia August 1947
Subordinate to: 502nd TCG
Deployed: 28 August, 1950, Pusan, Korea
Mission: 1950, Operation of two Tactical Air Direction Centers, Navigational Aid to aircraft, on-the-job training of personnel, and operation of Light Operating Units (Light-Weight Early Warning Radar Sets).
Relocated: Kempo Airfield Seoul, Korea, On 3 October, 1950
Tactical Air Direction Center, call sign "Dentist" [2]
Relocated: Taehu, Korea 16 December, 1950
Relocated: Yoju, Korea March, 1951
Relocated: Mount Kuksa Bong, Korea, March of 1952
Relocated: Pyang Taek, Korea, January 1954
Inactivated: 25 September 1957
Redesignated: 6123rd AC&WS September 1957
Reactivated: Tyndall AFB, Florida 1 October, 1979 as TCTS
            Maj. W. H. Wilkin 1947 through November 1951
            Maj. John Kersch November 1951 through July 1952
            Maj. Robert O'Benour July 1952 through October 1952
            Lt. Col Lenton Roller October 1952 to end of the war
Equipment: AN/CPS4 (May 1947); AN/CPS-5 (May 1947); Four (4) TPS-1B’s (1950); MPQ-12; TPS-1D (Nov 1952); MPS-7 (1954); MPS-14 (1954); AN/TPS-5 (September 1956); TPS-43 (1970's)

Detachment (?)
Note: Relocated on TDY to Homer, Alaska

Detachment #1
Formed: October, 1950
Located: Pyongyang, Korea.
Redeployed: Anju, Korea November, 1950
Relocated: Kempo Airfield Seoul, Korea, November, 1950
Relocated: Taehu, Korea 16 December, 1950
Relocated: Pyongtack, Korea, January, 1951
Equipment: TPS-1B

Detachment #2
Pohang, Korea
Formed: Late December, 1950
Equipment: TPS-1B

Detachment #4
Formed: September of 1951
Yangu, Korea
Inactivated: 25 September 1957 and
Reorganized: as 6122nd AC&W 25 September 1957
Notes: " A detachment of the 607th Squadron already manned {February 1952} a lightweight radar on Paengnyong-do, another island south of Cho-do {west coast of Korea}. [3]

Tactical Control Squadron
Luke, AFB, Arizona
15 October, 1969 – 1 October, 1979
Call Sign: O'Grady Control

Air Control Squadron
Luke, AFB, Arizona


Tactical Control Test Squadron
Luke AFB, Arizona
1 October, 1979




Combat Communication Squadron
Located: Camp Humphrey, South Korea
Equipment: 1998, AN/TPS-75 Expert Missile Tracker (EMT)
Notes: Prototype missile tracking systems developed by Electronic Systems Center.
The system consists of two types of interconnectable components: a radar missile tracker and a correlator. The tracker is integrated into an AN/TPS-75 radar shelter and receives and processes radar plots from a modified AN/TPS-75 radar to detect and track tactical ballistic missiles and display relevant missile data



  Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
Constituted: 15 December 1945, and assigned to Headquarters 502nd Tactical Control Group, Biggs Field, Texas
March, AFB, California
Hyangbyong-san 30 miles northeast of Kangnung
Seoul, Korea
Web Site: Link


Detachment 1
Located: Yanggu Airdrome (North Korea)
Equipment: SCR-584

Detachment 2
Located: Cho-do Island, Korea (Off the West coast of North Korea)
Equipment: SCR-270 (February 1952)

Detachment 3
Located: Tokchong, Korea (1955 - approximately 10 miles North of Uijongbu, and roughly 40 miles from Kimpo.  (South of Camp Casey)
Relocated: Kimpo January of 1956
Call Sign: Garlic Control
Equipment: AN/MSQ-1

Detachment 4
Korea K-18
Equipment: TPS-1D
Notes: “In October 1952 the 608th Squadron organized a detachment to operate the tactical air-direction center at Hwangbyong-san…” [4]

“To provide high-altitude surveillance over Seoul and Inchon, the 608th established a search radar detachment at a site on the coast southwest of Inchon near Songgum-ri. This station was integrated into the radar net on 16 November 1952.” [5]


Tactical Control Squadron
8 July, 1965 – August, 1968
May, 1970 – June, 1971


  Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron
22 December, 1967 – (?)
Tactical Control Squadron
Located: Cannon AFB, Clovis, New Mexico
15 October, 1969 – June, 1976
Mission: Control and Reporting Center
Subordinate to:
602nd TCG Bergstrom AFB, Austin, Texas
Relocated: 1976 Bad Muender, Germany
Note: 1976, 609th Tactical Control Squadron was reassigned to 601st Tactical Control Wing
(Hessische-Oldendorf, Germany;)
Equipment:TPS-43, Ser. No. (25)19 (Recollection); TPS-43E (upon deployment to Germany);